Transferred Again!...‏

Hey yall! so this week was a lot of fun. We were on splits a lot in slagelse this week but it was fun.  So I guess the big news for this week is that I got transferred again. They didn't decide to tell us until like 2 days ago so I didn't have to much time to say goodbye to people which was a bummer but I am excited to go into my 6th and possibly final area. I have moved to Hillerød (Hill-eh-rool)! My new companion is Elder Francis who comes from Kaysville Utah. We live in a members basement which I think is the only apartment in the mission where we don't really have our own legit apartment but is actually in a members house. Hillerød also has one of the most popular castles in Danmark called the Frederiksborg slot. So I'm super excited to check that out.  Of course it was super sad to say goodbye to everyone in Roskilde but I am excited to be in Hillerød.

Anyways, that's really the biggest news that happened. I hope you all have an awesome week! love you guys a ton!
This is the only picture I could get with members, but this is Rigmore Fisher. She is Norwegian.
Ældste Pike

My district with Lars and Mette østergaard as well as Lise and her daughter Charlotte
With Martin and Sinni Andersen
They are some of my favorite members in Roskilde :)