Great start to the New Year!‏

Hey Yall! I am glad to hear it was a pretty good new years (stille og rolig anyways). This week for me was a really great week. We celebrated new years at the ward mission leader and his family. It was a lot of fun. Nothing to special just sat and talked and ate delicious food mostly. Oh it was also awesome to watch all the Danish people go buck wild with fireworks. After about half an hour you couldnt even see anything because there was so much smoke in the sky. It was great. 

The other highlight of the week was that Lise got baptized!!! woot woot! The program went really smoothly. The only problem honestly was that when I got up to give a talk I realized I forgot my scriptures so I had to run out in the hall and grab em but other than that it went great! :) She also got confirmed in church yesterday and the ward was just great in welcoming her and stuff. Now we will begin working on having her find her own names to take to the temple. It was really a great start to the new year this year. 

Transfers are coming on thursday so I'll let yall know whats going down with that. I really have no idea what will happen this time. Love you guys a ton. Thank you guys again for all the love and support! It really means a ton to me :) Have another great week!
Ældste Pike

This is me with Martin, Sinni, Tina, and Peter in our ward during New Years