First Week at the MTC

OK so I finally made it through my first week here at the MTC! It's pretty great, our zone has been so small we only had like 11 missionaries in our zone. 3 Swedes, 2 Dutch, and 6 Danes (including me).  This past Monday the 3 Swedes left so now we only have 8 but today I think we're getting like 26 more missionaries in our zone which is like the biggest it's been since they made the age change. Word on the street is that we're getting 16 Swedes, 9 Norwegians, and 1 more Dutchy so our zone probably won't be that close anymore cuz we're gonna have so many more people in our district.  

The language is a whole heck of a lot harder than Spanish! Holy crap there are like exceptions to every rule and so it makes it a nightmare to learn.  I am starting to pick out words here and there from our practice investigator and teachers and stuff but I have a really hard time forming sentences still.  Also this language is like physically a workout. My neck is gonna be freakin shredded by the time I come home.  If you wanna know what it kinda sounds like just watch Tarzan, when Tarzan is teaching Jane how to speak ape. Ya that's literally what it sounds like. For some reason though I totally love speaking it though, even though it's tough it's like the funnest thing to speak.

Yesterday was really cool too.  We had our first Tuesday devotional and Elder Quinton L. Cook from the 12 apostles came a spoke! He gave some really good advice and talked a lot about how everybody needs to stop thinking that their inadequate for this (which i know has been a big problem for a lot of people here especially in our district).  

My normal day consists of waking up at 6:30, get breakfast and eat outside which is like the only time I see the sun around here - It's depressing, I am so white now :(   Then I have gym which is really fun.  When we go play basketball everybody there just gets in on it and we have like a massive tournament and I always get to play with Eric Mika which is kinda cool. (Side note: it's kinda funny because all these amateur b-ball players think their so hot until they get stuffed soo bad by him haha)  After that we have language study for 4 hours, then lunch, then language and gospel study for another 4 1/2ish hours, then dinner, then more study for 3 hours then 1 free time (which really isn't free time it's just time to relax a bit) and then bed.  Rinse and Repeat

So my district consists of 5 other people.  Elder Higby is my comp and he is from Cedar City, Elder Vance is from Wiley, Texas (which is kinda by Dallas), Elder Saunders is from enterprise Utah, Elder Nielson (who I went to San Fran with) is from Virginia right near D.C. and then Sister Woster is from Sacramento. It's an interesting group for sure, lots of different personalities but we all get along really well and we have a lot of laughs.  

I leave the MTC on July 14 and I even have my proselyting license thing that says I'm coming home on May 17, 2016.  Not sure how accurate that is or what but thought that was kinda cool.  My P-Day is on Wednesdays.

Anyway, hope everything is going great! I love hearing what's goin on in everybody's life and out there in the real world! I pray for ya'll everyday and am so grateful for the impacts you've all made in my life.