Uge To!!

Hey everybody! I hope everything has gone really well! Believe it or not, I've been really upset about not being able to watch the world cup or the nba finals or anything. ugh im dying!! haha ;)

This week has been pretty good but nothing terribly interesting.  All of the new missionaries in our zone came this past week.  It's pretty fun because I'm making new friends with some of them but it also kinda sucks because our zone isn't nearly as tight anymore.  Since our zone is so big now we just do everything as districts for the most part.  It's awesome though because my buddy from BYU named Jake Rolfson is in my zone now! He's going to Norway on his mission.

Speaking of BYU buddies, the devotional on Sunday I ran into like 8 of my buddies from school! Seriously it was like a 49th ward reunion!  We talked for like almost an hour before the devotional started it was great! 

 Buddies from BYU - me, Jake, Bryce, Nate, Andrew, Dani, Emily, Brenda
Companion, Elder Higby

The devotionals this week were really good!  On Sunday, we usually have some random person come speak to us and this time we had some chick named Sheri Dew who actually gave a flippin good talk.  Then on Tuesday we usually have general authorities and important church people speak to us.  It's been really crazy though because the mtc has had about 9 or 10 apostles come speak to us in the last 3 months which has never happened before!  Either we are like flippin amazing or the church is just extremely worried about us and we need all the help we can get! Yesterday though we had Elder M. Russel Ballard speak! So far I'm 2/2 for having apostles speak on Tuesdays since I've been here!

This week is supposed to be pretty chaotic.  They are training all the new mission presidents this week and all the apostles are supposed to be here this week helping train them! The main buildings are gonna be like shut down for 5 days or so but it's also cool because there's a good chance they'll speak at our upcoming devotionals!

So the studying has been going decently well I think.  The language is coming along ok and I'm finally starting to understand how to conjugate verbs and how the sentences are structured and stuff like that.  Also we teach like 2-3 lessons a day now and we're not allowed to use notes or anything to help with the danish so that is really helping learn the language faster I think. 

Anyway, things are still going really well over here! 

Hakuna Matata!