Ok so it's only the second day here and they are letting me write you guys but they're only givin me like 5 minutes so I gotta go fast.

The first two days have been really great so far!! I actually really like learning Danish but it's flippin hard and I don't understand a word my teachers say but it's all good, everybody says that I'll start getting the jist of it within about a week.  It's sooooo weird though because the pronunciations of words are absolutely nothing like they are spelled!! Seriously, I think the guy who came up with the writing system for Danish must've been drunk as a skunk!  I mean like crazy things like d's make L sounds and vice versa and there's just tons of extra letters in words that are silent and/or make bizarre noises.  Anyways, everything is going so fast and I'm busy doing crap all the time.  Tomorrow me and my companion are supposed to teach an investigator all in danish already! ahhhhh!!!!  Speaking of my companion, his name is elder Higby and he's really cool, actually everybody in my district is really awesome and we do everything together so far.  

My zone consists of all the Scandinavian countries except finland and included netherlands and belgium.  We all talk and get along with each other really well so far!  Jeez everything just going fantastic so far! However, these first two days have been like trying to drink from a fire hose!

It's really awesome too because I've seen so many friends from high school and college! Seriously it's like a party at meal time!  Another thing I just wanna clear up about the food.  I think the food is just fine.  there's a lot of my friends and other people who say they don't like the food and that it's totally crap but that's just mostly from the super picky eaters.  Honestly, it's all you can eat ice cream, oj, and other delicious jams and jellies so I think meal time is flippin fantastic!!

By the way, my P-days here in the mtc will be on Wednesdays so that's when I'll get to write you all and next time I should have a lot more time to write and actually breathe a little bit.

Anyway, I hope everything has been going well for you guys back home!  I really miss everybody so much and hope you all are just having a blast out there in the real world!! Talk to y'all next week!! :)