Another day another... Hurricane?!‏

Hey everyone! So as you can see by the subject line is that we had a hurricane this week. It wasnt a big one at all but it was strong enough to be classified as one. Dont worry I am safe. It was pretty great though. As soon as I opened the door to go outside I was like "Holy Donkey Kong!" I just got blasted in the face with Wind and rain. I mean, there was just like random crap flying through the air, the fjord was just going buck wild with huge waves and stuff and we were like riding our bikes on like a 30 degree angle! Gosh it was great.

Other than that nothing terribly exciting. We had some really great lessons with some of our investigators and less actives where the spirit was just so strong. We also started this new missionary initiative called "One Heart, one mind" with the members where we basically Work closely with some of the members to learn about preach my gospel and really help them with their own missionary Work. So Im pretty excited about that. Other than than nothing too much, just trying to find more people to teach.

I hope you all have another fantastic week! Stay safe, stay warm, and stay classy.
Ældste Pike

P.S. Danish Work of the day: Orkan (hurricane).