Hey yall! I am so glad to hear that you all had an awesome week this week! Sounded like it was a nice relaxing week with a lot of nice changes. I love hearing that all is good in the neighborhood.

This week has just flown by! It has just been a blast actually but nothing to out of the ordinary. One highlght though was on Saturday we went out to this pretty Little town called Blokhus with the sisters which sits right on the coast. We randomly visited this member WHO has a tough time coming to church because of her Health but she was so stoked to have us so that was way fun. But then we went out and just enjoyed chillin on the Beach for a while. Gosh it was such a blast! Definitely one of the better road trips Ive had on my mission.

Unfortunetaly Im out of time but Things have just been going great here. I absolutely love it here in Aalborg and I love being out on a mission. I am so happy to have two years to just focus on helping other people and helping people really discover christ and come closer to him. More than anything though it has helped me really get to know my Savior and is really changing my life. For that am I so grateful for.

Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

P.S. Danish Word of the day: STRAND