Danskere kan Feste!!‏

Hey yall!! Its good to hear that you all had a pretty good week chillin. I hope its been a good start to the new year! Today I wanna give a shout out to the best sister ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Du er den bedste! :) Love you tons and I hope you make your b-day a special one.

So this week was pretty fun with new years celebration and all that. We went over to a members house and just chilled pretty much. We Watched the queen give a speech which she does ever year on new years eve which was interesting. Then we watched this way old movie that apparently is a huge tradition in most Danish familes to Watch. I wouldnt say it was mission approved but it was pretty funny so its ok :)  But then... THE FIREWORKS! So I had heard rumors of how crazy people got with fireworks and stuff at new years. Actually people were like shooting off fireworks all throughout the day for like a week before. But this night... holy cow. The clock Struck midnight it all a sudden it was like the 4th of July just took some steriods and turned into the hulk! It was the craziest firework display ever!! It was just this barage of constant fireworks for like 2 hours. Kids were like shooting each other with these Things and some huge ones like tipped over and blew up into like Buildings and stuff and it was just Chaos! Oh man it was great fun!

But other than that not much.

I hope you all have an awesome week this week and an awesome 2015! Make some time to reflect on this past year and make some goals you want to accomplish this year. A plan to get where you want to be this year both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Why not be the person youve alway wanted to be. We are sons and daughters of God for crying out loud!

Jeg elsker jer rigtig meget!
Have en rigtig god uge all sammen!
Peace out!
Ældste Pike