Hit the ground knockin‏

Hey everyone!! Boy was it awesome to get to skype home to you guys! I am so glad to see that things are going really well for you guys! Just wanted to say happy mothers day again to you mom and remind you how awesome you are and how much I love you!! Also a birthday shout out to you dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

So this week was pretty good. We have seriously just been hittin the front lines here in Odense. We are in the building stages a little bit so we have been doing a ton of knocking and contacting and stuff. We are seeing a lot of progress though and were just really trying to get it moving faster and faster. I love this area though and there is a ton of potential here!

One thing that was really great was that on Saturday night we got to help with this huge youth activity. They were basically just having this big dance party and a bunch of the youth from all of Denmark was there so it was just way fun to reconnect a little bit with some of the youth from Aalborg again.

Actually a crazy experience we had this past week with knocking was that we knocked on this ladies door and she said that she had literally gotten off the phone with some Jehovas witnesse missionaries and was just tired of them. Apparently she was a former JW but was basically 'less active' in their church. She explained that she has a strong belief in Christ but just doesnt believe in some of the stuff they teach anymore and doesnt agree with some of the things in their bible and just tons of stuff like that. She said it was a pretty big 'coincidence' that we came by right then (we all know what that is;) So we scheduled an appointment and taught her the restoration later that week and she loved it! She seems to be one of the most positive investigators we have right now and I have a lot of hope for her :)

Anyway, have an awesome week and a happy birthday again to you dad! Love yall!
Ældste Pike

P.S. Word of the day BLOMSTRE (Flowers) These things go on for miles!