Egeskov Slot‏

So this week was way eventful! On Monday we went to a castle which was just way awesome. Totally like off the movies! One of the prettiest places ever! Then we got an investigator here named Mathias who is getting baptized on Saturday! He is 17 and just way awesome and prepared to be baptized. So we have been really busy figuring out everything with the baptism and stuff!! This past week was just really great because all of our efforts to get in with the ward really paid off. We had an eating appointment like every night and the most member present lessons Ive had since I got here! Spending so much time with the members really made this past week one of the funnest on my missions and not only that, but really helped our investigators to progress! Members are just sooooo important in missionary work I cant tell ya!

Funny story though, on Saturday there was a couple people getting baptized into our ward and I was asked to translate for a Vietnamese lady named Lan who can only speak Vietnamese and Danish thats extremely hard to understand. Anyway, so Im translating for her and then I realize that she is actually holding a talk for the baptism...... So ya lets just say we stood up and I only made it about 2 minutes until the bishop took over. Good times.

Anyway, I hope yall have another good week! 

Love, Ældste Pike
P.S. Slot = Castle