Yup, its been another week‏

Hey everyone! Im glad to hear things are going well. I want to give a big shout out to my little bro Cameron! You are one of my best friends and I couldnt ask for a better brother. Have an awesome birthday this week dude!! :)

This week was a lot of fun. We have been working just ridiculously hard but I love it. One goal Ive had since I transferred to this area was to really work with the members and really become good friends with them. I feel like the last few weeks Ive been able to see that I am actually having an impact on this ward. We also scored an eating appointment almost every day this week which has never happened before!! :D Its awesome to work hard and give it my best but its even more awesome to see direct and almost immediate results from them.
This week we also had our zone training which was a ton of fun just to get to see everybody again and catch up on good times. Anyway, love you guys tons and hope yall have an awesome week!

Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike