And the Thunder Rolls...

Ya the weather has been really bad here too. The last few days have been raining a ton! But its totally ok cuz you know why? Cuz just like the thunder, the work here has been rollin! haha. So this week was just awesome! We had the baptism of our investigator Mathias on Saturday which went way well! He was an exchange student in Utah a year ago and the family he was with flew over for the baptism. The host dad named keen performed the baptism, and confirmation and also ordained him to the office of a priest that same day! It was an incredible weekend and just amazing to have the chance to teach him and get to know him. He is also planning on serving a mission in the next couple of years! 

Our ward and this area in Odense is just way different. We have had 5 baptisms in our ward alone this month and have had a baptism almost every week here since Ive been here! Its incredible! There are 4 missionaries sitting here in the library and as I write this there have been 2 people come up to us and ask us about who we are and about God and stuff. In the last 2 hours there have been like 2 others come up and just talk to us! I literally have no idea whats going on here! We have just been extremely blessed with the amount of success we are having. The Lord is really hastening his work here in Danmark. 

Things have been just amazing here this week! I love you all tons and hope you all have a way awesome week!

Hakuna Matata,
Ældste Pike