Frederikshavn and Odense pictures‏

Hey everyone! So this week was way great! I ended up transferring to Frederikshavn. My new companion is named Ældste Gudmundson and we've been getting along really well. He is from Cedar City Utah. The city is the tiniest city Ive served in and its a really old fishing town. Actually our apartment is right over one of the best fish shops in Frederikshavn apparently. The apartment is nice too other than the fact that when I got there the first day it looked like it got nuked, so Ive been working on cleaning that up this past week. Frederikshavn has some pretty nice beaches here as well where they even import palm trees!  The branch up here has about 40 active members WHO are all great. 

This past week we've mostly just been doing random service project for a bunch of different people. We have also been trying to do a lot of finding here as well because the teaching pool we have right now isnt the biggest thing I've seen in my life. I also love being back in the district and being able to go back to Aalborg every week for district meeting and getting to see everything Again.

This week I have my 1 year meeting Down in Copenhagen this week so that will be a lot of fun to get to go the temple Again Down there. Other than that not anything to crazy going on, just been trying to get to know the area and stuff.

Have a great week everybody!
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

P.S. These are just a few of my favorite people in Odense, the rest I didnt get a pic :( The first pic is one of our investigators named Garret. The second is of a member we visited a lot named Thomas, the third is of one of my favorite members named Claus WHO we helped do service for a bunch, The Next is a less active member named kim de king (he loves elvis Presley and literally changed his named to Kim DE KING haha), Then there is JJ WHO is Greenlandic and loved helping us with missionary Work, Then our American investigator charles, Then Familien Frederiksen WHO we ate with almost every week. Then finally our district!

Familien Frederiksen
District in Odense