Crazy Week

Hey Guys! Im super glad to hear that it was an amazing week. Lindsey, Im super glad you got to get your patriarchal Blessing! Those are sooo awesome and I love reading mine.

This week has actually been pretty crazy. We spent like half the week out of our area working in Aalborg and Århus a lot. One crazy story from that though. So on Tuesday we were working in Aalborg and we literally contacted for like 9-10 hours straight... That in and of itself was pretty crappy but then me and Ældste Gardner didnt even find 1 person WHO was interested! Towards the end I was just like super mad at myself thinking like what on earth are we doing wrong?! Well as the night came to and end we still didnt find a single person. However, as we were getting close to the library where we were meeting up with all the other missionaries, an old lady walked around the corner carrying a chair and was totally having a tough time. So we offered our help and got two chairs and carried them up to the top floor where her Apartment was for her. She was super happy about it and basically long story short we taught the Whole first lesson, got her number and gave her a BOM and she is actually pretty positive so I was just thankful that our efforts werent wasted.

On thursday we had our zone training and it was awesome. President gave us live transfer calls and it was super exciting actually. Ældste Gardner will be staying in Frederikshavn (like we guessed) and he will be training another new elder himself! So that meant that I was moving (as we guessed) except it is pretty exciting. I am transferring to be with an Ældste Thurman and we are opening a Whole new area in Køge!! We dont have an Apartment Down there yet so until we get one we will be staying in with the elders in Høje Taastrup and commuting over an hour to get Down there. I also will get to be the Distrikt leader here so that will be fun. I am also getting a car for the first time on my mission which is also sick! (Also way Lucky because my bike got trashed and I just left it in Frederikshavn so ya). But ya right now we are just going to try to figure Things out but I am super stoaked and nervous at the same time but not to nervous cuz this is the lords Work so det skal nok gå. Its been fun though cuz all weekend Ive been hearing all about Køge and everybody is just so jealous that we are opening it up haha.

Anyway, thats about all for this week. Have another great week! Love you tons!
Ældste Pike

Zone Training - Learning How to Deal with Stress