October 12, 2015

Hey yall! Im glad to hear things have been going good. This week there isnt a ton of stuff to write about. Nothing to crazy going on other than just trying to contact a bunch of potentials we got this past week. 

One thing that was kinda out of the ordinary this week was we had a choir concert that our branch put on with the folkekirke so we had to sing in that. It was pretty good but I will just say that we were by far the youngest people there by like a good 40 years. The good news was though is they made like 50 cakes and expected all these old folk to eat all of it (which of course they didnt even get close) so we got like sooooo much cake to take home 8))) 

This week we will be on splits in Aalborg for like 3 days and then we find out about transfers so it should be exciting. Im sorry this email is way lame. I promise Ill start taking notes on interesting things that happen from now on. 

One neat thing I read this week though was in Jacob 2:8 where Jakob is chewing out all the men for cheating on their wives and stuff so this scripture is referring to the wives: 'And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea the word which healeth the wounded soul.' I thought this was way sweet because all of the internal wounds we have can be healed though the word of God and the gospel. And just to strengthen Jakobs credibility here remember, Jakob was also a bit of a victim to persecution from Lamen and Lemuel and went through many trials with that in the wilderness and he is telling us that the word of God will heal our wounded souls. Way awesome! So ya there the spiritual though of the week! Have a great week! Love you tons!
Ældste Pike