Hey yall! Glad to hear it was a great conference weekend! I will just say that that was probably the best General Conference I have ever seen. Funny story with that though, so everybody in my distrikt had like a 'draft' pick of who we thought the new apostles would be and I totally won by totally guessing Ronald A Rasband and Gary E Stevenson right :O it was sick. haha But on a more serious note I will just say that my testimony of a living prophet and the apostles has never been stronger. I know that they are called of God to lead the church. 

Anyway, this week the biggest thing that happend was that all 8 missionaries from our distikt came up and blitzed our area. It was a huge help and a miracle too as we found 24 new potential investigators! So ya things have been a ton of fun and have been going well here this last week.

One of my favorite parts of Conference was when the new apostles got up to bear their testimonies. One thing that Ill just comment on today that struck me (there were just to many awesome things I cant write about all of them:) Gary E. Stevenson said dont focus on what we cant do but focus on what we can do. I thought that was awesome just because that is what I think a lot of times is that I cant do this or that or whatever and I end up really limiting myself from being great. When we just take a step back, start with the things we can do then God will qualify us to do things we never thought was possible.

Hope yall have an awesome week. I love you guys so much. and I pray for you guys everyday. Have a great week and vi ses next week!
Ældste Pike